This page is not intended to be a substitute for professional geotechnical advice and should not be relied on as geotechnical by individuals or other professionals to make site-specific decisions. Always seek advice from professional geotechnical engineers.

Detailed site contamination investigations (DSI) are conducted to further evaluate the presence and extent of contamination at a given site. These investigations are typically initiated following a preliminary site investigation, which has identified potential sources of contamination and the extent of the affected area.

During a detailed site investigation, environmental professionals collect and analyse soil, groundwater, and surface water samples from the site using specialised sampling techniques. These samples are then analysed in a laboratory to identify the specific contaminants present and their concentrations.

Based on the results of the laboratory analysis, a detailed site investigation report is prepared. This report presents the findings of the investigation, including a detailed site characterization and risk assessment. The report also outlines recommended remediation measures, if necessary, to mitigate the risk of exposure to contaminants and protect human health and the environment.

Detailed site contamination investigations require a high level of expertise and technical knowledge in the fields of environmental science and engineering. It is essential that these investigations are conducted by qualified environmental professionals who are familiar with the regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

BHM’s environmental engineering team has extensive experience in conducting detailed site contamination investigations and providing clients with comprehensive reports that outline the extent of the contamination and the recommended remediation measures. Their approach is based on the latest scientific research and regulatory requirements, ensuring that clients receive accurate and reliable solutions for their environmental needs.

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