A comprehensive causation report is often necessary to ascertain the root cause of structural failure. Such reports offer insight into structures that have been impacted by earthquakes, landslides, or other foundation failure mechanisms. Consequently, site owners and insurers may rely on causation reports to determine the underlying cause of geotechnical failure and take appropriate measures to prevent further damage. Causation reports also serve to evaluate whether the structure was constructed in line with the original Geotechnical report and constructions plans, highlighting any deficiencies or discrepancies. The review process ensures that recommendations and plans meet acceptable standards and reduce geologic hazards and unexpected damages. Geotechnical causation reports include geological, forensic engineering reports, maps, and other pertinent information relating to the proposed site.

Where a geotechnical causation report may be required:

Land Development – Small, medium, and large-scale subdivision.

Residential – constructing multi-story buildings, new dwellings, renovation works, and many more.

Commercial – Public Works and Infrastructure, footpaths, pipelines, and roads.

What does the Geotech Report entail?

The geotechnical report provides an assessment of the chemical and geotechnical standards of the soil.

  • Finding out the type of soil
  • Contamination
  • Determining the strength and density of the soil
  • Groundwater and soil compaction
  • Foundation design factors
  • Seismic design
  • Offer solutions to foreseeable problems

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