Subgrade assessment is a crucial process that is undertaken prior to the installation of the overlying pavement layers. This process involves a visual assessment to ensure that the subgrade is suitable for the construction of subsequent pavement layers. To conduct this assessment, various methods can be used, including the use of a smooth-drum roller or a fully laden truck with a single axle carrying a heavy load.

Geotechnical engineers walk alongside the roller as it moves forward over the completed subgrade to detect and deformation, which provides a comprehensive assessment of the entire subgrade. The visual assessment is quick, inexpensive, and conducted by highly trained professionals.

Moreover, eight-tonne single-axle trucks are used to evaluate whether there is any deflection on the surface, which is an essential step in quality control. The subgrade assessment process is critical in ensuring the longevity and stability of the pavement layers and is an integral part of any construction project.

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