Geotechnical engineering expert witnesses have a crucial role in providing opinions that are related to construction defects arising from geotechnical problems. Regarding construction projects, the soil engineering field is responsible for scrutinizing soil before foundation establishment.

The foundations are vital and shows a notable impact on the structural safety and design part of the site. Thus, an issue with soil engineering will lead to damage or defect that will in turn become cause rise to the question of who is responsible. BHM can assist in determining the the root cause of the failure and can provide geotechnical advice to lawyers, other engineers and insurers.

How to solve ground related issues

Geotechnical engineers are responsible for examining any ground-related issues like erosion, landslides, soil collapse, earthquakes, mudflow, and other environmental risks that lead to damage to the structural project. Soil engineers are necessary for civil structures including bridges, swimming pools, parks, and roads. A Geotechnical Expert Witness in Sydney can provide you with cruical advice in determining the cause of failure and remedial scope of works.

BHM Geotechnical has substantial technical expertise from market leading engineering professionals in the industry. The team is available at anytime so call upon to give more information on hiring the best soil engineer expert witness for your litigation. Geotechnical Expert Witness Australia is capable of providing technical solutions for all geotechnical related problems.

Meet the Soil Engineering Experts

BHM geotechnical engineers are adept and experienced in civil engineering, geology, and geophysics. The team’s expertise includes flood, water/sewer leaks, landslides, earth movements, and groundwater evaluation and vibration analysis.

The BHM geotechnical team has been catering to geotechnical engineering services including litigation support for years. Be it geotechnical evaluation, investigation related to excavations, retention systems, foundation failures, corrosive soils, landslip events and more.

BHM geotechnical experts have years of experience in the construction field, including residential, industrial, commercial, transportation, energy, and many more. The team of experts from BHM handles geotechnical evaluations, design, vibration monitoring; inspection, land surveys, and environmental studies. The team is highly qualified to offer expert opinions on geotechnical issues.

Being eminent in respective areas, our team can understand the responsibilities of helping the court on technical aspects after proceedings started, or supporting potential litigants of the merits of the technical case when getting appointed pre-action. The BHM team is impartial, independent and reliable.

Civil claims

Our core strength is our team who are experts in forensic engineering of design and material issues.

Our team is familiar with the Expert Witness Code of Conduct for instruction of professionals to give evidence in all civil claims.

Professional services include meeting with instructing authorities and other experts, reviewing documentary evidence, conducting on-site investigations and laboratory testing, preparing reports, reviewing third-party evidence, and giving oral evidence in alternative dispute resolution and litigation. Geotechnical Expert Witness in Sydney delivered more than expected results for many clients.

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