Working platform assessments are an essential component of ensuring worker safety in construction and engineering projects. These assessments involve a comprehensive evaluation of the working platform’s design, construction, and maintenance to ensure that it meets the intended use and relevant regulatory standards.

During a working platform assessment, a geotechnical engineer and other qualified professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of the platform, examining its structural integrity, load-bearing capacity and stability. The assessment will also consider factors such as soil and rock properties, groundwater conditions, and other geological factors that could affect the platform’s safety and stability.

Based on the assessment findings, the engineer will provide recommendations for any necessary repairs or modifications to the working platform. These recommendations may include strengthening the platform’s foundation, replacing damaged components, or adjusting the platform’s configuration to better suit the project’s needs.

Regular working platform assessments are crucial to maintaining a safe and secure elevated working environment for workers. By identifying potential hazards and implementing appropriate measures to address them, assessments can help prevent accidents and injuries, and ensure that workers can perform their tasks with confidence and efficiency.

At BHM, we conduct thorough and rigorous working platform assessments to ensure that every platform we work on meets the highest standards of safety and reliability. We work closely with project teams to understand their unique needs and provide tailored solutions that prioritise worker safety and productivity.

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